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Incorporating MaxEnt Solutions
  Massive Inference Techniques

Maximum Entropy Data Consultants Ltd (MEDC) specializes in custom and semi-custom software for Bayesian data analysis, including the the maximum entropy method and massive inference. If you need to estimate the parameters of a physical distribution given some data, then we can help!

Applications include:

  • Image processing, using either direct or Fourier data -- deconvolution, reconstruction from sparse data, motion deblurring.

  • Tomographic reconstructions -- CAT and PET scanning.

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging

  • Spectroscopy -- Mass-spray mass spectroscopy, NMR, Raman.

  • Laplace inversion -- Flash photolysis (Pulse5 and Pulse5QT).
    Download Pulse5 demonstration program

  • Pharmacokinetics, photothermal profiling...

We have a range of standard applications and we will also supply subroutine libraries to enable you to write your own. Or, if you prefer we, will write your application for you. Elsewhere on our site we present a number of examples showing the sorts of results that can be obtained.

Please feel free to search our site.

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